During uncertainty or downturns like recession, brands often take drastic measures rather than pivoting strategy. From cutting costs everywhere possible to reducing marketing and advertising efforts, these hasty decisions can have long-lasting negative impacts. By adapting your digital marketing strategy, maintaining a “growth mindset,” and investing in brand-growth, your company can come out on top. Use GROWL’s top 4 ways to adapt your digital marketing strategy and thrive.

4 ways to revamp your digital marketing strategy

1 Keep your brand on your consumers’ brains

During downturns, customers might be investing and spending less, but this is where focusing on awareness comes in. By remaining active in your digital marketing, customers won’t forget you. Plus, you’ll position your brand at the top of your consumers’ evoked set. Remember to keep their changing needs in mind while you’re producing content, publishing social posts, and retaining email touchpoints.

2 Adapt your digital strategy by enhancing your website

Downturn doesn’t have to mean slowdown. During uncertainty, focus on building up your own brand and enhancing all touchpoints by auditing your digital marketing channels and pushing your bran toward positive growth. Your website is a critical channel in driving lead generation, so slowdowns are the optimal time to bolster SEO, audit content, and add new service offerings.

3 Stock your digital shelf

From offering resources to literally keeping your digital store stocked, adapting your digital marketing strategy to emphasize online service is vital. For business-to-business (B2B) brands, this digital shelf must consist of both free and gated blogs, downloadable resources, workbooks, webinars, etc. For business-to-consumer (B2C) brands, the digital shelf includes all typical products and finding new ways to manage fulfillment processes. Consider leveraging social media shop options and being transparent with customers regarding processing time.

4 Digital brand experience is everything

Take advantage of digital marketing opportunities to stand out; get creative and make your brand experience incredible. From discovery to building a customer lifetime value, position your customer experience to accentuate empathy and connection. Rather than focusing on sales pitches and leads, focus on connection. Driving brand-consumer relationships enhances loyalty, and as the economic landscape changes, the power of their brand loyalty will bring the most significant ROI.

Digital marketing in this changing economic landscape doesn’t mean pausing or dissolving your marketing strategy altogether. To build marketing resilience, you must be able to adapt and support your audience authentically. Use the above tips as you strive to meet the changing needs of your audience while developing strategies to help your brand grow!


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