1. Use the Facebook Live features

When Facebook (FB) introduced Facebook Live (live video), it gave businesses an opportunity to produce raw unique footage while connecting with audiences directly. Facebook saw this as a chance to boost engagement and open the door to possibly breaking news among users. Live video naturally intrigues more of an audience due to motion and the sense of present moments.  The president of the product, Fidji Simo, said in a FB post that Facebook Live videos generate six times more interactions than non-Live videos.

Growl Agency has found this type of data to align with our own findings. In the last quarter, we have only recorded one live video and added six traditional videos. The live video received over twice the number of minutes viewed than the combined six other videos. It received almost three times the amount of views than the average of the others. The live video also received 11 comments, whereas the other videos received a combined number of two.

The feature has been around for a couple of years and has undergone different updates and changes. They recently rolled out a Live Rewind tool that allows users to rewind a live video while still being broadcasted. In addition, they are now giving users a chance to gain more insights for video retention breakdowns. The tool will give a closer look from zoom charts that help visualize the data and includes data of gender and followers vs. non-followers.

Facebook Live is a fun way to include your audience in activities or events and engage them in real time. We highly recommend giving it a try to see how your numbers compare.

2. Analyze the Insight tools

On that note, if you are using Facebook for a business, non-profit organization, or any type of platform where you want to track the type of traffic your page is receiving, you should utilize the Insight tools that Facebook offers. You can find the tab at the top of your page under “Insights.” It is important to understand how your page is performing towards your social media goals so you can consistently work to evolve your strategy for the most successful plan. A purposeful social media strategy helps to understand growth, opportunities for improvement and your audience.

Some of the most basic uses from the Insights include data of your reach and engagement. Reach means the number of users that see a post, and the engagement portion shows a more accurate representation of the interest and interaction in your posts. A graph with all the recent posts up to 90 days will show.  Use this to analyze and better visualize what posts are trending in the higher range. Replicating or reusing these for future posts may produce similar results and move the page in a better direction for your audience. Facebook even breaks down the data for organic or paid reach, likes, reactions and post clicked. FB also allows you to download your data. If you really want to have a grip on how your social media is performing, we suggest to download the data, analyze, and create your social media plans based on performance.

3.  Engage your Audience

It is important to ensure your audience sees your presence not only with posting consistently but direct contact or engagement. Most people like to feel noticed. In this day and age, people value relationships when choosing to follow or purchasing from a brand.  A few examples that may drive your engagement include:

Ask questions:

Asking your audience a question that is easily responded to is a great way for people to find a reason to comment or engage with your posts. Utilizing answers to further your research may be a strategy to take on. Ask the audience their opinions on certain topics. It helps to understand what an audience knows, how they feel, and who they are. Facebook now even has a way to add a poll to your feed. Ask the fun and easy questions like: “Do you prefer pizza or burgers?” or “Which is better — DC Comics or Marvel Comics?” Pictures and GIFs can be added to draw even more attention. To make a poll, just click on the drop-down menu where you typically post a status and click on “Poll”.


If you have swag, a service or items you are willing to give away, a contest or giveaway is a great way to bring traffic to your page. Ask users to tag two friends so that more people are becoming aware of not only the contest/giveaway but your name.

Respond, Respond, Respond:

Some of the greatest social media powerhouses built up their following by actively commenting, answering questions and recognizing those who show interest. It is important to always answer questions as soon as possible and respond to messages. Even if a comment is a blanket statement, just showing positive recognition can make a user feel noticed and distinctive from the masses.

If you practice these tips, you are sure to see an increase in the social media game.

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