Is your brand’s marketing strategy ready for 2021 and beyond? If not, then it is time to get your brand development 100% dialed in, the future of marketing is all about brand identity.  With the pivots that 2020 forced most companies to make, reaching customers relies heavily on companies understanding their brand’s core. Instead of adding more tactics and following more trends, marketing predictions are becoming more about the brand’s core and how it can best serve the customer experience.

With a new longing for connection, consumers look to brands to do more than just sell them on a product or service. Connection is being expressed through influencers promoting a brand to their followers, marketers forecasting to know the consumer better, and meeting the consumer’s emotional needs. Here are four ways you can succeed in B2B in 2021 and beyond!

Influencers and Trust

Consumers want to know the depth of a brand before they can trust them. Influencers on social media and other digital platforms can promote a level of trust between their followers and a brand like never before. In fact, according to MarketingProfs, 77% of B2B marketers say they believe that prospective consumers rely on advice from industry experts.” Attracting and fighting for the consumer’s attention in 2021 will depend on consumers truly trusting a brand and its motivation.

With access to forums and others’ opinions online, customers don’t always rely on a brand to tell them how great a product is. Most consumers are doing their own research to discover what’s truly at the core of a brand. What others say about a product or service goes a long way with potential buyer’s trust and should not be underestimated in the coming years.


Forecasting has always been important for B2B marketers, but in 2021 how a marketer forecasts is what is changing. For example, the pressure put-on tech companies from changing privacy policies, affected analytics tools, digital ads, and loss of third-party cookies, forcing innovations in forecasting. Marketers can use macro-economic data to look at more significant trends of where the consumer is now and how their brand can strike a chord with them.

On another note, your B2B marketing strategy for 2021 needs to be intentional. By digging into current data you can more accurately target your audience. Whether it is website data, a lead magnet download, or companies searching keywords that describe your brand, this data leaves a digital trail of who is in the market for your offering and who needs general brand awareness.

Speaking to consumers feelings

The past year has forced brands to learn how to show empathy for situations that the consumer is experiencing. One practical way to connect is to take automation to a whole new level by segmenting messaging and being more human with brand building.

The better a company knows their own brand and establish the central pillars of their brand core, the better a brand can show passion for their brand to be relevant consumer situations.

To speak to the consumer’s feels, brands branch out through additional platforms to make their voices heard. Marketing trends continuously experiment with emerging platforms, and 2021 shows no sign of stopping. Not only will more platforms be utilized for advertisement, but B2B brands are partnering to deliver virtual events and conferences and leveraging partnerships to connect with the consumer.

Fine Tuning Every Touchpoint

Believe it or not, there are still B2B purchasing journeys that are complicated and time-consuming. Enhancing the user experience is a task for marketers, not the sales team, to improve the purchasing journey and solve real problems for the consumer. By brand-building through every touchpoint, brands have a competitive advantage over their competition because they realize that the consumer is searching for authenticity. Marketers use every touchpoint to build credibility through demos, videos, and discussions, by being transparent and honest about the product or service.

As we get further into the year, solidify your marketing strategy for 2021 by establishing your brand, using an honest approach to show transparency, and build a trusting relationship with your audience. Build trust through influencers connected to your target consumers and address the real issues that consumers are dealing with.

Need help reaching your customers at every touchpoint and forecasting for the new year? Contact the GROWL Team today!

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