End-of-Year Financial Planning

From finding the financial assistance you need for your business to determining how various loans and grants will affect your taxes, this GROWL Connex covers how to plan for the future.

The Storytellers Series, Episode 6: Relational Policing

This week on The Civil Conversations Project, Storytellers Series, we spoke about law enforcement today, its history, and where it should go in the future.

Wayne Hare, Civil Conversations Project Founding Director, joined by Doug Shoemaker, Grand Junction Police Department Chief of Police, discussed relational policing today and how we can all communicate and build trust to create a stronger, more peaceful future.

The Importance of Supporting Local

We are familiar with supporting small businesses, and each year around this time, we are all encouraged by our community to shop local. But why? Do we truly know the positive impact supporting local has on our community? This year more than ever, communities around...

Using Improv for Team Building

This week on Connex, we were joined by actor and director Heather Hughes to talk about how improv can help with team building.

Strategically Using SEM for B2B Lead Generation

SEO and SEM – which is a better strategy for lead generation? The simple answer is both. As you plan your digital marketing strategy, include SEM for your B2B lead generation. According to Digital Media Solutions, paid search is projected to show the fastest...