Dynamics of the Buyer-Seller Relationship

Joined by Dan Levitt, Vice President of Sandler Training, this Virtual GROWL Connex covers the importance of nonverbal communication and asking questions that help you really get to know your prospects. With some expert insight, you can take these ideas and steps to improves your sales pitch and hone your sales skills.

The Storytellers Series, Episode 5: False Narratives and America’s Founding

Wayne Hare, Civil Conversations Project Founding Director, tells us the rest of the story behind our Founding Fathers and the making of the National Anthem. By hearing the full story and understanding the code talk that still negatively impacts Americans today, we can begin to understand the depth of racism in America.

Leverage Social Media for Small Business Saturday

At GROWL, we know the power and potential for small businesses to grow by using social media, and there is no better time to harness its potential than on Small Business Saturday! The American shopping holiday celebrates and supports small businesses by shopping...

10 Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty & Reduce Churn

When it comes to business and revenue growth, the key isn’t gaining new customers; it’s improving customer loyalty and reducing churn. Focusing on customer retention, and establishing customer loyalty, is a critical element of business growth. According...

Ecommerce Tips for Small Businesses

Ecommerce for small businesses has become more viable than ever before. From being more cost-efficient and user-friendly to extending global reach and visibility, whether you are selling B2C or B2B ecommerce can help grow your business. Use GROWL’s top tips to...