Business Growth During a Downturn

We can learn a lot from startups, like how to be fast and agile during downturns. Joined by Natash Main, Exponential Impact Executive Director, we will discuss how businesses can truly pivot by focusing on culture, strategy, and flexibility.

Adapting Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020

During uncertainty or downturns like recession, brands often take drastic measures rather than pivoting strategy. From cutting costs everywhere possible to reducing marketing and advertising efforts, these hasty decisions can have long-lasting negative impacts. By...

Lead Generation During Uncertainty

Uncertainty, downturn, and crisis all bring change to businesses. However, adapting, innovating, and igniting a scrappy work ethic can help companies generate new leads and succeed during downturn. GROWL’s top 5 ways to generating leads in uncertainty 1 Evaluate...

How to Launch a Business YouTube

If your brand isn’t leveraging video marketing yet, now is the time to launch a YouTube for your business. With around 2 billion subscribers worldwide, YouTube (and video marketing in general) allow flexibility and limitless opportunities. With a little time and...

Companies & Crisis

Joined by Brad Plothow, Womply VP of Brand and Communications, we will discuss ways companies can remarket themselves, update messaging, and stimulate economic growth.